After participation in some smaller side-projects, we are currently concentrating on our first major commercial game.



Brace yourselves for these features:


Intense non-violent battles!

Managing a 16th century printing workshop, you can fight your enemies by exposing their deeds (or publishing nasty poems about them) and turn the masses against them.


Grand strategies and petty disputes!

Whether your goal is a revolution, religious tolerance or just teasing some haughty noblemen: you can cover topics of any kind.


Dynamic story-resources!

Forget about fossil fuel: Your publications are powered by procedurally generated events… and at the same time, your words influence what happens next.


Influence the most accurately displayed history!

While using known events and rumors of 16th century Europe, the history of your region is fully fictional and not at all predetermined, but yours to shape!

Moderate Cuddlefish


We also participated in developing Moderate Cuddlefish, a short and simple game that lets you moderate a fictional social network. Our contribution consists mainly in simulating the user base, their comments and how they respond to the player’s moderative actions (or lack thereof).


Moderate Cuddlefish has been created by a team also including topicbird, August van Gehren, Elise Merkel and Sebastian Staack, in cooperation with Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (bpb) and DW Akademie.


Play or get more information (only in german):